Cutie Glass Soy Candle - Clean Haven Naturals

  • $10.00

Cutie glass candles are the perfect addition to small-medium rooms. Their name fits them perfect, because they're shamelessly adorable. They're a great way to try scents. Choose from our wide variety scents to help you create a cozy clean haven in your home.

Keep your wick trimmed to 1/4 inch to extend the life of your candle and to keep it burning beautifully. 

All of our soy candles and wax are made from non-GMO USA-made pure & natural soy. We hand select all of our fragrances, which are phthalate-free and some are also blended with natural essential oils.

DRIED EUCALYPTUS - A clean, spa-like aroma. Fresh crisp eucalyptus with undertones of bergamot, lemon, lime. 

FLANNEL BLANKET * - A crowd pleaser! Best selling scent of 2018 to present. Luxurious vanilla, wrapped in notes of warm musk and undertones of gentle citrus. This one lights up the eyes of everyone who smells it.

LAUNDRY DAY - The rewarding scent of fresh, clean laundry without the work! With top notes of cotton, lemon & linen. This scent is rounded out beautifully by undertones of powder, sandalwood & violet. 

OCTOBER’S DUSK - Crisp autumn air: applewood, nutmeg, cedar & cinnamon.

SUGARED PUMPKIN DONUT - Sugary, sweet (but crispy, you know what I mean!) donuts with pumpkin spice. Another strong throwing scent with the most cozy, delicious notes!

SPA GETAWAY* - Sweet top notes of sugarcane and lemon, finished by lemongrass and black currant. Extremely popular. 

WELCOME HOME - Warm, spicy vanilla with top notes of cherry. The ultimate "cozy home" scent for all year round.

WEATHER TURNING * - An intriguing and nostalgic scent with a surprising twist. Oak, nettle, oakmoss, chamomile, mint, beeswax and hay create this alluring fragrance. A personal favorite. The smell of weather turning.