Soy Wax Melt Bar - Clean Haven Naturals

  • $5.00

Long lasting, perfectly scented pure & clean soy wax and blends of essential oils with phthalate-free fragrance oils. Our wax does not contain paraffin or chemical additives (such as phthalates). 

Important: Soy wax bars require more heat than traditional store-bought (or other company's) paraffin blended wax bars. We highly recommend browsing our warmer collection or checking to ensure your warmers at home have at least a 25 watt bulb or a warming element plate. 

Choose from our wide variety of premium 3 oz wax melt bars. Our melts are long lasting with the perfect strength to fill your home with your favorite aromas. Whether you love lavender, cakes or citrus fruits - you're sure to find your new favorites here!

APPLE ORCHARD - A visit to your favorite apple orchard! Crunchy leaves, cinnamon spiced cider, ripe delicious apple & clove!

BUTT NAKED - Like a fruity drink on the beach, this blend of vanilla and fruits is my #1 best seller! Plus, it's name is eye catching, ha! 

COZY CABIN - A cozy weekend up north - white cedar, soft mandarin leaf, sweet amber, cardamom, nutmeg shavings, sandalwood & cinnamon.

BLUEBERRY PUMPKIN PATCH - A strong throwing warm blend of blueberry & pumpkin spices. To me, this smells like baked blueberry muffins with a little added spice! A personal favorite.

FLANNEL BLANKET * - A crowd pleaser! Best selling scent of 2018 to present. Luxurious vanilla, wrapped in notes of warm musk and undertones of gentle citrus. This one lights up the eyes of everyone who smells it. 

MARSHMALLOWS BY THE FIRE - A custom blend, born right in my home candle studio! Sweet, fluffy browned marshmallows blended with the soft woodsmoke of a bonfire.

OAKMOSS & AMBER - A universal and alluring fragrance loved by both men and women. Orange, sage, grapefruit and lavender add a soft floral touch. Oakmoss, amber and tonka round out its base for beautiful character. It's interesting name leaves it a mystery to some, but those who have smelled this in person absolutely adore it. Customer favorite. 

SUGARED PUMPKIN DONUT - Sugary, sweet (but crispy, you know what I mean!) donuts with pumpkin spice. Another strong throwing scent with the most cozy, delicious notes!